Michelin Defender

POP!—that’s the sound of your tire blowing out. Let’s see if Michelin can save the day.

Unfortunately, necessity dictates you dishing out some cash on these rubber rollers, and if you’re considering the Michelin Defenders, each tire will cost you about $130. It’s not high. It’s not low either. After looking at the competition, you’ll see that you’re paying about the same for any popular make or model.

If you’re new to the tire track, all-season tires are your best bet for most kinds of weather. They allow you the best possible control of your car regardless of the circumstance. So whether you’re caught in the rain on a dark night or cruising on a warm summer day, you want to know that when you turn or brake, your car will respond with haste.

The tire makers at Michelin get that. That’s why their Defender tires have excellent responsiveness. Some of the best you’ll ever experience, and that’s after you stack them against any of the most popular brands.

Wear Life
Michelin offers an 80,000-mile treadwear warranty on their Defender tires. Clearly, they’re confident in their product. Definitely more confident than Firestone, who just offers 70,000 miles. Also, if numbers aren’t enough to convince you, feel free to ask any other Michelin user about the wear life of their tires, and they’ll tell you themselves.

Fuel Efficiency
This is a tough category, because even if a given tire might be cheap and the handling and ride comfort are some of the best available—if fuel efficiency isn’t there, you’ll be paying a good amount of extra dough. Don’t worry too much about the Michelin Defender tires though. Their Energy Saver Construction allows the tires to roll easier so that less fuel is consumed than normal.

Adding to their limited mile warranty, Michelin gives you 30 days to try out their tires. If you’re not 100% satisfied, return them. If you are content with your tires, however, then you’ll get to enjoy a 3 years of flat tire changing assistance and towing—Free. Of. Charge.

The Defender tire is without a doubt one of my favorites. Performing powerfully in all of the above categories—aspects that mandate impressiveness when it comes to your safety—the only thing that could improve upon Michelin’s offering was if their mascot came to life and tossed tires beneath your vehicle like in the commercials. 

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